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"Become a UAE Resident and benefit from 0% Private Income Tax and a strong Bank Secrecy" 

The United Arabic Emirates is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is below 1% and the healthcare system is highly advanced. A 0% private and corporate income tax combined with a high quality of life is unique. The United Arabic Emirates host the highest number of millionaires and UAE banks offer a 100% capital (cash) guarantee. 


1. We set up a corporate structure with 100% foreign ownership, which allows you to apply for a resident permit for three years.

2. Based on your corporate ownership (owner of a UAE based company), we apply for a resident permit. 

3. The resident permit gives you the allowance to open private and corporate bank accounts and benefit from strong banking secrecy.  


  • Bank Secrecy which protects your assets 

  • 0% private income tax

  • 0% corporate income tax 

  • 100% capital guarantee (cash) at your local bank 

  • UAE residents are able to use any kind of banking services  
    - Corporate and private banking, investment banking, loan &      mortgage, online banking, credit and debit cards,

  • No Age restrictions for resident permits, which are based on UAE corporate structures (For owners of UAE companies). 

  • Timeframe for the Setup: approx 3 weeks.

Regulations and Rules 

  • You are allowed to stay up to 6 months outside of the country without losing your resident permit. 

  • The resident permit has to go be renewed every three years 

For further information, contact us. During the Corona-Virus Pandemic, we consult you online via Video conference or via phone to discuss your needs and offer nominee and trustee services to serve your needs during travel restrictions to the UAE.  

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