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Bank Account opening in Switzerland

"Switzerland established the banking secrecy during the 2nd world war"

Bank Account openings in Switzerland for private individuals. 

  •  Internationally recognized and strong banks

  •  The political system is considered very stable

  •  Unlimited transactions

  •  Well established online banking 

  •  Banking secrecy for holders of residence permits (as well UAE residence) and locals 

  • Switzerland is considered one of the most safest countries in the World 

Bank Account Types & Benefits 

  •  Private account for resident and non-resident 

  •  Western banking 

  •  Corporate account for local companies 

  •  Unlimited transactions 

  •  Well established online banking 

  •  Banking secrecy for holders of residence permits (no data exchange for residence permit holders of the UAE)

Account Opening Procedure 

Please note, there is no online account opening procedure without being present in Switzerland or Dubai (our swiss banks host offices in Dubai too) for at least one time to identify yourself at the bank. To reach the status of receiving full banking secrecy we assist our clients to apply for a residence permit. 

Non-residence bank accounts underly the common reporting standards. 

Every account opening requires individual due diligence and the KYC process. Based on the type of account this process is slightly different.  We assist you with the complete process and prepare all necessary documents for you. 

Please contact us for a consultation. 

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