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"Book your Trustee Service in Times of Travel Bans to open an Offshore Bank Account and Protect your Assets".

Bank Account Opening 

To open a bank account, especially offshore, became in many cases very difficult. Countries require citizenship or permanent resident visas in the country in which clients want to open bank accounts. A second residency is in many cases a solution to follow a proper asset protection strategy. 

Which Banks are save in uncertain times? 

Banks in the UAE offer a 100% cash guarantee. Banks in Europe or Amerika insure cash deposits with 100.000 USD/EUR only. Since the Corona Pandemic and a new major crisis worldwide, it is most important to choose the right bank. 

We assist in opening private and corporate bank accounts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Switzerland. Please note, banks require minimum deposits which usually start from 100.000 USD/EUR and more. There are exceptions to corporate bank accounts. Contact us for more information.

Common Reporting Standards vs. Bank Secrecy 














The UAE offers fully functional bank secrecy for citizens and residents. CRS - Common Reporting Standard and FATKA (USA) takes place for non-residents which force banks to report bank account details to your home country's tax authorities. 

Trustee & and Nominee Bank Account 

Global Financial Yard offers trustee and nominee bank accounts for non-residents. Circumstances like the coronavirus pandemic restrict traveling and permanent resident applications until further notice. Threats like a potential fall of the European Union, potential hyperinflation, the collapse of the banking system, or upcoming conflicts in western countries create fears in the financial world. 

We consult you about bank account openings in Dubai, Singapore, and Switzerland. Contact us for further information. 



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