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Knowledge is Power

Only those who act with foresight and prepare themselves can benefit from major changes in politics and finance. This series of videos gives you various food for thought on how to optimally protect your private and financial situation.

The 5 Flag Theory

This theory intends to structure private individuals' assets across different countries in such a way that states or associations of states have no way of accessing them. Various factors play a major role in this (video in English))

How to protect my assets during times of conflict?

Conflicts are often far away and can only be seen on TV. But suddenly war breaks out in the middle of Europe. How do I protect my assets in times of crisis, unrest, and war? More about in this the video.

How to become a resident of United Arab Emirates? (UAE)?

A so-called backup residency is becoming increasingly important in order to A: be flexible and B: benefit from laws that may be much more interesting than in your own country.

Second Citizenship in 45 Days and 130 Countries Visa Free

A second passport can bring enormous benefits. It is about the freedom to travel, which can be quickly restricted in times of conflict and/or pandemics. Especially in times of war and unrest, a second passport can even save lives.

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