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Company Incorporation 
"The UAE Limited Liability Company
100% foreign Ownership & Tax-Free".

UAE Limited Liability Company with 100% foreign ownership and the right to apply for a resident permit. 

We use this company type mainly for international business transactions. Foreign Investors benefit from 0% corporate income tax. The setup takes approx seven working days and offers a 100% foreign ownership. 


  • 100% tax exemption on personal or corporate income or gains

  • 100% ownership for investors regardless of their nationality and domicile

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

  • Exclusion from all import and export duties

  • Exemption from corporate tax for 15 years, with an additional renewal option for 15 years

  • No capital deposit required

This company type allows the shareholder to apply for a so-called investor-resident-permit - Owners of UAE resident permits have the right to open private and corporate bank accounts. Without a UAE resident permit, most banking services are not available. 

Important: Since the Corona Virus Pandemic, traveling to the UAE is restricted.

We offer trustee and nominee services to setup local companies and bank accounts. Our services allow us to open bank accounts and set up companies without the need of your physical presence. Our trustee services assist our clients in using asset protection solutions in times of high risk. It's highly important to diversify capital within different countries and continents to be able to be flexible in case of crisis and conflict. 

For further information, contact us. During the Corona-Virus Pandemic, we consult you online via Video conference or via phone to discuss your needs and offer nominee and trustee services to serve your needs during travel restrictions to the UAE.  

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