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"Qualified Nominee Directors and Officers"

Nominee Director and Shareholder Services 

Independent, knowledgeable and skilled 


We utilize many years of experience in operational excellence and corporate governance and support the boards of our client’s business entities.

There are multiple types of business entities that can benefit our services;


For example


  • The financing vehicle of a reputable enterprise.

  • A new UAE sales office of a business.

  • A company structure to manage assets in collaboration with a trustee and nominee services. 

  • Emergencies like travel bans or health issues of board members which creates management issues (e.g., Corona Virus) 

  • Asset protection and identity protection.

Many years of experience in corporate governance give us the benefit to keep our clients fully compliant and in good legal standing.


Our team of nominee Directors offers the necessary experience to handle the broad spectrum of governance, know your client regulations and operational needs, helping our client’s business entities remain compliant and fully functional within an environment of ever-increasing legal and regulatory requirements and big changes in our world.  


We ensure full compliance. Our Nominee Directors and Officers can count on the administrative support of more than 50 qualified lawyers, corporate secretaries, accountants, and other professionals. As a  provider of corporate secretarial, accounting, and management services with optimal levels of communication, we will ease your business.

For further information, contact us. During the Corona-Virus Pandemic, we consult you online via Video conference or via phone to discuss your needs and offer nominee and trustee services to serve your needs during travel restrictions to the UAE.  

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