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War in Europe? What will happen?

Now, the world once again has a NEW enemy. A few weeks ago COVID was the invisible enemy and now the Russians are. One could quickly guess that there is a plan behind this madness because if we look behind the scenes, we realize that suddenly something is wrong.

Ukraine has been at war with the eastern parts of the country since 2014. More than 15,000 civilians were murdered by the Ukrainian army with the help of arms deliveries from the West. Now almost 8 years later and after a war that has been hushed to death by the media, Russia is taking in and liberating the eastern parts of Ukraine.

Is Russia doing this purely out of charity, or are other interests in the foreground?

Russia is the largest country in the world and has repeatedly suffered attacks from the West for centuries. Deep trenches were dug between Europe and Russia. Napoleon already tried to conquer Russia (1812) and Hitler tried to do the same (1941). The result was always the same and ended in chaos. The big dream of dividing up Russia is now being publicly dreamed of again and for this, you first need a clear enemy image that was created by the intervention after 8 years of war in the east of Ukraine. Since 2014, arms worth billions have been shipped to Ukraine. Thousands of armored vehicles and heavy weapons have armed the country for years. The fact that Russia is now reacting to it seems understandable, at least strategically, if you include the country's history in your analysis.

Geographically, an invasion of Russian land can only take place through Ukraine. If the West, with years of arms shipments and an enormous armament, gives the Russians the feeling that an invasion is becoming more and more likely, you don't have to be an expert to predict the future. War is the logical result.

What happens next?

The Russians will keep the eastern parts of Ukraine under their control and aim to get the rest of Ukraine to continue to exist as a neutral state. Russia knows that a war against NATO is difficult to win and must be avoided. However, if this cannot be avoided, Russia will use the tried and tested strategies and bring the war into its own country where no army in the world has been successful so far. Since the ultimate goal of the West is the annihilation and/or geographical division of Russia, especially now that Russia has said goodbye to the US-Dollar as its reserve currency, there will be no peace. The existence of the US dollar will crumble if countries like Russia or China turn their backs and that is what is happening now. The American inflation can no longer be exported abroad and the dollar breaks. Only a war (the last supremacy of the Americans) can prevent this.

Is World War III Coming?

Most people don't realize that we are already in WWIII. The western world is already at war with Russia by now officially giving Ukraine supplies of deadly weapons. It is not possible to estimate how long Russia will allow this to happen, but the logical result will be war throughout Europe. As already mentioned, you don't have to be an expert. History has shown us how quickly a conflagration develops. How long it will be before China and America officially intervene in the conflict depends on how quickly Russia is weakened.

What to do?

The answer is very simple. Anyone who can leave Europe as long as it is still possible. A second passport to be able to leave Europe as a man if the borders are closed seems to make a lot of sense. Contact the Global Financial Yard team for detailed advice.

There will be no winners in this war.

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