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The Impact on Corona to our Economy and Financial Future

Discussions, whether this Virus is man made or natural, won't change the impact on our society. It's undeniable that corona will shape the world like it never happened in human history. And such changes never appear without a significant crisis.

The only fact so far, its pretty unrealistic to say that the most significant financial crisis in human history in collaboration with the longest financial bubbly trough endless money printing can be blamed by a virus which. It looks much more like a very creative Hollywood script. It becomes difficult to believe that killer viruses appear and disappear as fast as the media turns its focus. As a smart money investor, this big picture has to be taken under the conclusion to be able to benefit from a crisis. Otherwise, we are just part of the huge playground of the elite.

"An economy without a government is in principle possible. A government without economy, however, won't be able to exist".

It looks like we will enter a time of socialism. Governments take over more and more industries makes us believe that helicopter money will save the world. History teaches us that socialism always ends up in fascism and sends countries a dark future. How to sustain in such unstable times? First of all, as soon as the "hammer" like hyperinflation, the fall of fiat currencies like the Euro or US-Dollar or War will take over, it will be too late. At this point in time, the sinking of our financial system has begun. There are still possibilities to protect your assets. The total collapse of the oil price was the first sign of a financial reset. It is very important to act right now and start to diversify assets. Diversification of currencies, gold, silver, digital currencies, and backup residencies are mandatory for a post corona time. Countries like the United Arab Emirates or Singapore are considered to be safe (Switzerland of the Middle East and Asia)

Global Financial Yard with headquarters in Dubai is consulting clients since 12 years in taking the right decisions to protect assets.

A Western Crisis? This crisis will hit mainly western countries. Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker talked in his book called "Der bedrohte Frieden" (the threatened peace) written in 1983 of a future of total control and biological weapons, which are used as kind of false flag viruses against the population. Scenarios of George Friedman, a Hungarian-born U.S. geopolitical forecaster, and strategist on international affairs, predicted wars within Europe before 2025. The Fall of the EURO will most certainly take place in 2020 (end of summer). This event will take place with a second wave of the coronavirus and total lockdown of Europe. Prepare for the worse and hope for the best is the only way to sustain is such a situation.

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